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When you need assistance for veterans benefits New York, turn to Elder Benefits Consulting. We are honored that you served in our military, and when you reach a certain age, you can start taking advantage of various benefits. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of these benefits or are unaware of how to obtain them. As a result, individuals are deprived of their rights. We put a strong emphasis on educating our clients about their lifestyle options. We have a number of partner retirement communities in Connecticut and other states for you to consider. The US government offers veterans specific benefits in exchange for their service to the country. This includes a pension for old or disabled veterans who are unable to work and support themselves. There are, however, some eligibility requirements that must be met.

Pension for Veterans

A veteran must have been on active service for at least ninety days (including the period of war) in order to be eligible for a pension. Honorable discharge – or any other qualifying discharge – is required. It is not necessary for service to be in battle. To be eligible for a pension, a veteran under the age of 65 must be disabled, and medical evidence must be shown. There is no disability criterion for persons above the age of 65.

Pension for Survivors

A Survivor’s Pension is available to the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran. These spouses do not need to be disabled or be of a certain age, but they must meet other standards. This includes the requirement that the marriage last at least a year or that a kid be born during the marriage. The spouse should have resided with the veteran during their marriage and be married at the time of the veteran’s death. In addition, the spouse should not have remarried after the death.

Why Choose ERBC?

The requirements of availing Veterans benefits can be complex, and filling out applications can be time-consuming, is it best to seek professional assistance.  The ERBC team can assist you in determining and applying for the benefits you are eligible for. Our experts will walk you through the VA benefits application process. For more details, please contact us at (508) 485-0039. Elder Benefits Consulting Group was established in Sudbury MA by Patty Servaes in 2006. We focus on informing our clients about their lifestyle options. The ERBC can recommend excellent retirement housing solutions available through our sponsored communities.  We have a host of partner retirement communities for you to look at in Massachusetts and many other states. Whether you decide to move into one of our Partner Communities or not, ERBC and The Servaes Consulting Group LLC will stand by you. We do not sell financial products, nor do we refer you to those who do. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm.


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