It is very rare to have an application less than 30 pages long with most applications being 40-50 pages long.


a) Veterans who apply and have not previously been denied many be able to get an entire years worth of benefits under a Liberalizing Law.

b) Often, through a cash flow analysis, we can tell you how much you can withdraw from your IRA and still get the VA benefit – unfortuantely, taking extra out of the IRA can often result in the loss of the VA benefit for a year.

I called the VA 800 number and they said: “A&A is only for nursing home residentsYou need to be a combat veteran for A&A…your father was only stationed in Guam … You can’t get help to pay for an assisted living …” Say thank you and hang up. This pension exists and if you meet the service requirement and physical requirements, it is not a definite NO, it is an “if and when”. It’s up to you to pay attention to your changing financial status and notify the VA when you meet the criteria.

You are obligated to inform the VA of any changes to your income, assets or monthly unreimbursed medical expenses so they can determine if you are still eligible for the pension. Did you receive funds from the sale of your home or inheritance? You may now be over asset. Did you move from an assisted living in one state to a less expensive one in another state? You need to notify the VA.

Remember avoid even the appearance of impropriety. The VA will come after you for funds you received when you were not within the program guidelines.

Annual Requirement – the Eligibility Verification Report is no longer an annual requirement – but the VA reviews your prior year information with the IRS  much more aggressively.  If you have been questioned about prior year income, we can perform a cash flow analysis to help you respond to the VA and mitigate the funds owed to the VA.  NOTE: You do not have to have filed a tax return for the IRS to have your information.

Yes there are.

Follow this link to the VA’s Handbook Federal Benefits for Veterans and Dependents .

Please note that we are not affiliated with the VA in any way. The VA alone makes decisions on claimants cases.

Please note that we are not affiliated with the VA in any way. The VA alone makes decisions on claimants cases.

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