Fred O’Dell writes:

“Miss Patty, how do you tell someone thank you that has worked so hard on your behalf. Just to say THANK YOU seems so inadequate. I will tell you this, if anyone in the future ever doubts the sincerity and professionalism of you and your company, direct them to me and I will certainly relieve their concerns with the same honesty that you have shown me and my wife. What a great day God has given us.”  –  July 2021


Shaun Conroy writes:

“I cannot thank you enough for the integrity, responsiveness and effectiveness of your company. We have received the VA aid and attendance benefit. We sent the application in February. The award letter arrived in May. Our mom is in a remarkable adult foster care home. Without the VA benefits, and without your help, she would not be receiving the level of quality care which she now receives.

I am blessed to find there are good people like you who are very good at what they do.”  Thank You!  Shaun Conroy  –  July 2020


Jack Collins

“My 93 year old Mom was just awarded the VA survivor’s pension benefit. Patty Servaes and her team were absolutely fantastic to work with. Could not have been accomplished without them.”  –  June 2020


Cynthia Picciano

“I worked with them to file the VA application for my Father-in-law who served in WWII and just moved into an assisted living facility. Their service was totally professional and provided valuable information, advice and instructions to complete the many application requirements that the VA have. Their service is set up very conveniently to ensure you can schedule calls with them whenever you have any questions. Our application went through without a hitch within 6 weeks! That would never have been possible to do on our own – the process is way too complicated! Thank you to this great organization!”  –  May 2020


Nancy Zarella Hamilton

“I highly recommend ERBC. I started the paperwork for spousal benefits for my Mom last October. I could never have done any of this without the help of Patty Servaes and her team. She knows just what needs to be done and is very thorough in knowing how to go about getting the benefits. If I needed to talk to her or Jeannie Darnel I would book a conference call through ERBC’s website and they would call me right at the time I chose. They would walk me through the process and boy do they know the VA inside and out. From the time I started the paperwork 6 months ago till two days ago when Mom received the benefit. Yay! I always knew I was in good hands and felt very confident that ERBC was going to get my Mom this benefit. I tried for the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefit on my own a few years ago and was denied Then I was recommended by Benchmark to contact Patty and so glad I did. Mom is 93 and is so happy to have received the money to help pay for her care. It is so nice knowing she can finally relax and sleep at night.Thank You so much Patty and everyone at ERBC. You are Angels from above!!”  –  March 2020


Debby Ghezzi

“They made it so easy and painless. Talked me through each step, reviewed each document offering suggestions to be sure I had what the VA was looking for. The VA pushed back on numerous occasions asking for more information which I provided and Elder Resources helped organize. They were there the whole way and I was finally given the full reward. Never would have happened without them.”  –  October 2019


John Lowery

“They are very easy to engage. Follow up communication is excellent. The results are life changing. I can’t say enough good things about their services. Thanks to their entire team!!!”  –  October 2019


Bernice Goulet

“A great organization, that helped a friend in need. Thanks so much for all you have done.”  –  October 2018


Amy L Sperrazza

“Just received benefits for my Father and Mother-in-law this past week. Without a doubt Patty and her team are the reason that we were able to accomplish this in just under 6 months of the full packet submission. This process is overwhelming at best and so thankful that we had the expertise to walk us through each step. Thankful that ERBC was available through Five Star Assisted Living!! Grateful for the guidance and support – always quick to respond. Highly recommend this service to any and all families struggling with aging parents – wish we had known this a year or two earlier.”  – September 2018


Linda Terry Hickam

“A huge thank you to the helpful people at Elder Resource in their thorough assistance with getting full VA benefits for my 97 year old Father, a WWII and Korean war Navy veteran, very deserving of this. They help you dot every i and cross every t , which is what is required on the many complicated forms that seem to have been made that complicated JUST to get a vet to give up or be refused benefits. After finally getting the DD214 equivalent for WWII vets from National Records, the packet turned in took less than a month to be approved! That is because everything was perfect and it was expedited due to him being 97 years old. Highly recommend using Elder Resource’s expertise.”  – June 2018


Suzanne Dorman

“After spending 2 frustrating years with 2 different lawyers, I found out about Elder Resource. I was a few weeks away from hitting the one year mark to file an application or my mother would lose the retroactive benefits. Patty was able to get everything done and keep me calm enough to get through the stressful process. It only took 5 weeks to start getting benefits! That’s because Patty knows the right way to do things. I was very nervous to switch over from the lawyer, especially since Patty was explaining the rules differently from the lawyer (supposedly the best elder law attorney for getting VA benefits in the state) – it turns out Patty was right. I am very glad I listened to her and I’m very grateful for all that she has done.”  –  May 2018


Romney Savage Baker

“An A+ and a big thank you to Patty at Elder Resource in helping obtain VA spouse benefits for my Mother. It was just over four months from first contact to award of benefits. I had previously done this same process on my own for my Dad, a WWII veteran who passed last year at 101, and it took 14 months to get benefits for him. They know the ins and outs and Patty’s guidance not only took some of the stress off me but proved to be stellar in obtaining the end result we were hoping for as now my 97-year-old Mother can stay in the facility where she will receive the care she needs.” –  April 2018



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