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Not moving into one of our Partner Communities? Begin with a free consultation to determine if a Cash Flow Analysis would be of benefit to your family.

Should you wish a complete Cash Flow Analysis, ERBC will refer you to the Servaes Consulting Group, LLC.  The cost of the Cash Flow Analysis product for those not living in or moving to a Partner Community is a one-time fee of $800.  To engage their services you will sign an Engagement Agreement which describes their services and a statement specifying any applicable fees.

Many of those moving forward with the Cash Flow Analysis are discussing a family member who qualifies for the VA’s Aid and Attendance Benefit, in those cases, a VA accredited agent associated with The Servaes Consulting Group, LLC will coach you through your or your loved one’s VA application and provide the applicant life time support with their VA benefit pro bono.

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The Process

You begin by calling the ERBC call center to schedule an appointment with one of our consultants. At the initial consultation a overview financial analysis will be performed and several different funding options will be discussed.

At the conclusion of your consultation, you will have a thorough understanding of your income and expense situation.  Should you wish to engage The Servaes Consulting Group, LLC, you will receive an engagement agreement and through a series of calls, finalize your Cash Flow Analysis.

What will you need for your initial phone consultation?
You will need to have the following information for your consultation with

  1. Monthly Income

Monthly Income from all sources
Including Distributions from IRA, 401K and other deferred retirement accounts
Annuity Income
Rental property reportable income
All other Income

  1. Unreimbursed Medical Expenses

Medical Insurance Premiums
Long Term Care Insurance Premiums and Reimbursement Rates
Monthly Assisted Living Fees
Homecare or Adult Day Care Costs

Assets – excluding car and personal jewelry and furnishings:

  • Cash, checking accounts, money market savings etc.
  • Amount in IRAs/401K other deferred retirement plans please know the annual minimum distribution and any amounts taken this fiscal year
  • Cash Surrender Value of Annuities, Purchase Date & Purchase Price
  • Stocks, Bonds and other Investments
  • Investment properties (excluding primary home)
  • Face Value of Whole Life Insurance Policies
  • Estimated value of primary home after payment of mortgages and other loans
  • Square Footage of the property the Primary home sits on and if it can be subdivided.

As a Cash Flow Analysis client of The Servaes Consulting Group, LLC, should you decide to pursue the VA’s Aid and Attendance application, at no-charge their VA accredited agent will:

Coach you through the entire process.

Set your expectations – the time to the release of funds can vary dependant upon many factors.

Create your application – using documents you provide, their VA accredited agent will populate the VA forms and share their expertise with you.  These options will be discussed in detail with you during your initial consultation.

Representation by a VA Accredited Agent –  Full Consulting Clients are assigned a VA-Accredited Agent as their representative with the VA.

Be there for you – from filing to funds release.  As the VA asks you questions, you are provided with valuable insight on how to navigate the intricacies of the system.

Regarding the pursuit of a claim for pension with the VA, a topic that has garnered much discussion – Individuals are permitted to charge a modest fee for providing pre-application consulting.  However, once you express an intent to pursue benefits, you have become a claimant for VA purposes (38 CFR 14.627(g), and any representation work performed on your behalf from that point forward is provided strictly without charge.

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For representation before the VA, ERBC refers to Servaes Consulting Group, LLC so you can be assisted by a VA Accredited Agent. Neither Elder Resource Benefits Consulting nor the Servaes Consulting Group, LLC is affiliated with the Department of Veterans Affairs or any other government agency. Elder Resource Benefits Consulting and the Servaes Consulting Group, LLC are not Veterans Services Organizations.

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