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The ERBC provides counseling for Veterans benefits Malden MA. For questions about VA pensions and benefits, turn to Elder Resource Benefits Consulting. One of our chief services is providing application assistance for veterans and their spouses. Aid and Attendance is a benefit from the VA available to qualifying wartime Veterans and their surviving spouses. The Veteran or surviving spouse must demonstrate a regular need for the assistance of a caregiver due to physical or mental impairment. Assistance is most commonly provided in an assisted living community or at home through a home care agency.

If you are among the many Massachusetts veterans that have questions about your VA benefits and services, give us a call. Elder Benefits Consulting can answer questions about your eligibility. When applying for your Veterans Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit, be prepared to fill out a lengthy application. The Elder Benefits Consulting Group provides counsel for veterans who need assistance applying for benefits. Contact the ERBC for an initial consultation.

Our Premium Sponsors are showcased on our website. They offer reduced cost services to seniors, assistance to Veterans, and/or government sponsored programs at their facility. We have a host of partner retirement communities for you to look at in Massachusetts and many other states. Whether you decide to move into one of our Partner Communities or not, ERBC and The Servaes Consulting Group LLC will stand by you. Our staff focuses on informing our clients about their lifestyle options. We do not sell financial products, nor do we refer you to those who do. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. Contact the ERBC for an initial consultation: call (508) 485-0039.

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