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Turn to Elder Resource Benefits Consulting when you are looking Veterans Benefits help in CT. Serving in the military is an honor. If you’ve served the military for a considerable time, you can rest assured that you’ll have a very comfortable old age. There are plenty of veteran benefits for seniors who’ve given their services to the country.

VA Benefits.

Unfortunately, many people don’t know about these benefits or don’t know how to apply for them. As a result, they miss out on what’s their right. The team at ERBC can help you understand what benefits you’re eligible for and also help you apply for them. Let’s first have a look at the many reasons why most veterans miss out on the splendid VA benefits.

Uncertainty About Eligibility

Most of the time, ex-military men aren’t sure if they’re eligible for VA benefits or not. Not all military men are eligible for them, as a matter of fact. There’s a certain number of years that you must have served in the military along with plenty of other factors that can affect your eligibility. You may assume that you aren’t eligible and not apply for the VA benefits when in reality, you are.

The Complexity of the Process

Some veterans are aware of the VA benefits, but they choose to give up on their rightful benefits simply because they don’t want to go through the hassle of filing claims. The process is quite complicated, and not everyone is willing to go through it.

Incomplete Applications

Incomplete applications are one of the most common reasons why veterans miss out on VA benefits. The application process is quite complex. There’s a ton load of requirements that you need to fulfill. Even if you fail to fulfill any one requirement, your application won’t be processed further.

You can get in touch with Elder Resource Benefits Consulting (ERBC) for veteran benefits help. Our staff will guide you through the process of filing for VA benefits. We’ll tell you if you’re eligible and also file claims for you on your behalf to ensure you get what’s rightfully yours.

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