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When you are looking for information about veterans benefits help Connecticut, contact the team at ERBC right away. Elder Resource Benefits Consulting unravels the red tape involved with applying for Veteran and Spousal benefits. Serving in the military is an honor. If you’ve served the military for a considerable time, you can rest assured that you’ll have a very comfortable old age. There are plenty of veteran benefits for seniors who’ve given their services to the country.

VA Benefits.

Because of their services towards the country, the US government provides veterans with certain benefits. This includes a pension for elderly or disabled veterans who may not be able to continue earning for themselves. However, there are certain eligibility criteria to be met.

Veterans Pension

To receive a pension, the veteran must have served on active duty for at least 90 days, and one of these days must have been during a period of war. The discharge must be honorable – or any other qualifying discharge. Service does not necessarily have to be in combat.

For Gulf War veterans, the service should either have been for 24 months, or their active duty service should have completed, including discharge due to health purposes. The periods of war for eligibility are the second World War, the Korean Conflict, the Gulf War and the Vietnam War.

A veteran younger than 65 must be disabled to be eligible for pension, and medical evidence will need to be submitted. For those above 65, there is no disability requirement.

Survivor’s Pension

There is also a Survivor’s Pension, for the surviving spouse of a deceased veteran. These spouses do not have to meet any disability or age requirements, but they do need to meet other criteria.

This includes the condition that the marriage should be at least one year long, or there should be a child born within the marriage. The spouse should also have lived with the veteran during marriage, and the spouse should have been married at the time of the veteran’s death. The spouse should also not have remarried at any time after the death.

Since these criteria can be complicated and filling out applications can be tedious, help may be needed. ERBC offers veteran benefits help in Connecticut, including the application process and financial planning afterwards to make the rest of your life a comfortable one. Contact the ERBC for an initial consultation: call (508) 485-0039.

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