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Call the ERBC for veteran pension help in Framingham MA.  As United States veterans age, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) makes allotments for benefits and services to be available to senior veterans as their health and financial challenges change. If you are among the thousands of aging veterans residing in Massachusetts, Elder Resource Benefits Consulting would like to meet you. Our primary goal is to help veterans and their loved ones understand their VA benefits and the services they are eligible for.  When you have questions about your benefits eligibility, do not hesitate. Call Elder Resource Benefits Consulting right away to start getting the answers that you need.

When veterans need assistance determining their eligibility, Elder Resource Benefits Consulting steps in to not only assist with eligibility, but also to help veterans complete the application process. The application process for the Veterans Pension with Aid and Attendance can be daunting. Be prepared to fill out a lengthy 40 to 50 page application. For many senior veterans, completing this application is just not feasible.

As evidence on our website, Elder Resource Benefits Consulting proudly showcases our premium sponsors. All of our partners are passionate about reducing costs for seniors, providing veterans with assistance, and more. Elder Resource Benefits Consulting has also partnered with several retirement communities in Massachusetts and across the country. Elder Resource Benefits Consulting does not sell financial products, nor do we refer you to those who do. Please come by our office, weekdays from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm, or call (508) 485-0039 today to receive more information.


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