VA Benefits Marlborough MA

VA Benefits Marlborough MA

VA Benefits Marlborough MA

Are you searching for more information on VA benefits near Marlborough, MA? The Elder Resource Benefits Consulting Group (ERBC) is here for you! With over 17 years of experience in the industry, we have helped thousands of Veterans and their families near Malborough, MA gain access to the many benefits available to them! Read on as we discuss more about how the process works, and how we can help your family!

How The Process Works

To begin, we will need to run a cash flow analysis. In order to determine your eligibility for the VA program, we will need to evaluate your medical costs, investments, and monthly revenue. This is crucial to calculate if – and when – you and your spouse are qualified to receive benefits.

The US government works hard to supply Veterans will various benefits as compensation for the efforts and sacrifices involved with protecting our country. Among the included benefits is a pension for soldiers who are unable to work due to their age, or disabilities. These benefits can provide exceptional support for Veterans, however, there are some stipulations in regard to eligibility.

As wonderful as these benefits are, many people don’t know about them! And those that do, often don’t know how to obtain these benefits. At Elder Resource Benefits Consulting, we ensure that all of our clients have access to these benefits.

Veterans’ Pensions

To qualify for a pension, a veteran must have served for a minimum of ninety days. Furthermore, they must have been released on an honorable discharge – or any other qualified discharge. Veterans under 65 must be disabled and present medical proof in order to be qualified for a pension. There are no criteria in place for those veterans over the age of 65.

Survivors’ Pension

Another wonderful benefit granted by the US government is a Survivors Pension. This allows the surviving spouse of a departed veteran to receive a pension. While the spouses don’t have to be disabled or at a certain age in order to relieve the pension, there are other criteria they must meet. A year of marriage is one of them or the birth of a child during the marriage. Additionally, the spouse should not have remarried after the Veterans death.

If you need assistance with VA benefits near Marlborough, MA, reach out to our team at ERBC today! We can be reached at (508) 485-0039. Additionally, you can visit our website for additional information on our services and resources.

VA Benefits Marlborough MA