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When you need help with veterans pension in Arlington MA, rely on the professionals at Elder Benefits Consulting Group. There are over 18.2 million United States veterans that are 65 years and older, as per the 2015-2019 American Community Survey. The Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) provides services and benefits to aging veterans. If you are a veteran of a foreign war, consult the VA today about your ever-evolving health risks, as well as financial challenges. When applying for Veterans Pension with Aid and Attendance benefits, make sure that you are qualified before investing too much time, energy, and/or money into the process.

The counselors at Elder Benefits Consulting Group are waiting by to help answer your questions and concerns relating to your VA benefits and pensions. Even if you are certain to qualify, you should still seek the assistance of professionals. Did you know that the Veterans Pension with Aid and Attendance paperwork itself is 40 to 50 pages in length?

The primary mission of Elder Benefits Consulting Group is to ensure that veterans and their families are educated on both their state and federal benefits. In addition, we are dedicated to helping veterans and their spouses meet their senior care goals. The Elder Benefits Consulting Group provides counsel for veterans who have questions about the VA Pension program and their benefits. To start the process, we perform a cash flow analysis. Your monthly income, assets, and medical expenses are evaluated to determine your eligibility for VA Programs. Knowing if – and when – you and your spouse are eligible for benefits is a critical determination. Contact the ERBC for an initial consultation.

At Elder Benefits Consulting Group, we are proud to showcase our premium sponsors on our website. Despite this, we do not sell financial products nor refer you to those who do. Our office is packed full of knowledgeable staff every Monday through Friday, from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. Call Elder Benefits Consulting Group today at (508) 485-0039 for your consultation.

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