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Turn to the staff at Elder Resource Benefits Consulting for help getting elder veteran pensions Massachusetts.  Our dedicated staff assists elderly Massachusetts veterans that have questions about VA benefits and services. Elder Benefits Consulting can answer questions about your eligibility. Some of the applications are a bit of a challenge to complete. You may not be able to determine your eligibility for benefits without some assistance.

Eligible veterans have served in international conflicts- from World War II to the Gulf War. As American veterans age, the Department of Veterans Affairs offers additional benefits and services. These measures are to address evolving senior health concerns as they arise. The VA also works to provide assistance to veterans in certain financial challenges that they face. When you need help determining your eligibility and then completing your application, contact Elder Resource Benefits Consulting.

The ERBC mission is to educate veterans and their families on State and Federal Benefits related to senior care. We are dedicated to helping veterans and their spouses meet their senior care goals. Knowing if – and when – you and your spouse are eligible for benefits must be determined. Contact the ERBC for an initial consultation.

Our Premium Sponsors are showcased on our website. They offer reduced cost services to seniors, assistance to Veterans, and/or government sponsored programs at their facilities. We have a host of partner retirement communities for you to look at in Massachusetts and many other states. Whether you decide to join our Partner Communities or not, ERBC and The Servaes Consulting Group LLC will stand by you. Our staff focuses on informing our clients about their lifestyle options. Our office is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. Contact us for an initial consultation: call (508) 485-0039.

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