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Do you have questions about the Veterans Death Pension in Concord MA? Welcome to Elder Resource Benefits Consulting, your trustworthy partner in navigating the complexities of elder care and financial planning. Whether you are a veteran or a surviving spouse seeking financial assistance, understanding this pension can provide you with valuable support during challenging times. Read on to explore the details and eligibility criteria for this pension program.


What is the Death Pension?

The Death Pension is also known as the Survivors Pension. It is a needs-based benefit provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to surviving spouses and dependent children of deceased veterans. This pension aims to provide financial assistance to those who meet specific criteria and require financial support to cover their basic needs.

Eligibility Criteria for the Death Pension in Concord MA

To qualify for the Death Pension in Concord, MA, certain criteria must be met. These criteria include:

a. Relationship to the deceased veteran:  The surviving spouse or dependent child must have a legal and recognized relationship with the deceased veteran. The VA considers marriages and dependent children as defined by law.

b. Discharge requirements:  The deceased veteran must have received a discharge other than dishonorable.

c. Income and asset limits:  The Death Pension is a needs-based program, and the VA evaluates the income and assets of the surviving spouse and dependent children to determine eligibility. There are specific income and asset limits that must be met to qualify for this pension.

Benefits and Support:

Besides the Death Pension, other benefits and support services exist for surviving spouses and dependent children of deceased veterans. These include:

a. Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC):  DIC is a tax-free monetary benefit provided to eligible surviving spouses and dependent children of veterans who died as a result of military service or service-connected disabilities.

b. Health care benefits:  Surviving spouses and dependent children may be eligible for CHAMPVA, a comprehensive health care program, or TRICARE, depending on their specific circumstances.

Get help from Elder Resource Benefits Consulting. We are dedicated to assisting you in understanding and accessing the benefits you deserve. The Death Pension in Concord, MA, can be a valuable resource for surviving spouses and dependent children of deceased veterans. Remember to consult with a qualified benefits consultant or the VA regional office to ensure accurate information and a smooth application process. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support you during this time. Call 508-485-0039.

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